4 Channel Relay With Onboard ESP-01 + ATmega328 (Only PCB)


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  • Four relays for controlling high-power loads.
  • Onboard ESP-01 module for WiFi connectivity and remote control.
  • ATmega328p microcontroller with Arduino bootloader for central control.
  • Hi-Link power supply module for stable and reliable power delivery.
  • Screw terminals for easy and secure wiring connections.
  • IR sensor for remote control functionality.
  • Buzzer for audible feedback or alerts.
  • LED indicators for monitoring the status of the relays.
  • Six GPIO pins for expansion and connectivity to additional sensors or modules.

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This PCB (Printed Circuit Board) being described is a versatile and compact electronic module designed for various automation and control applications. It integrates several essential components and features to provide a comprehensive solution for controlling devices remotely and interfacing with other systems.

This PCB includes four relays, which are electromechanical switches capable of controlling high-power loads. These relays can be used to switch devices such as lights, motors, or appliances on and off remotely. Each relay is equipped with an LED indicator, allowing users to easily monitor their status.

The onboard ESP-01 module provides WiFi connectivity, enabling wireless communication and remote control capabilities. This module is based on the ESP8266 microcontroller, which offers robust WiFi functionality and can be programmed using the Arduino framework. With the ESP-01, users can establish connections to local networks and control the relays through a web-based interface or mobile application.

At the heart of the PCB is the ATmega328p microcontroller, featuring the Arduino bootloader. This microcontroller acts as the main controller, coordinating the operation of the relays, ESP-01 module, and other components. It provides a wide range of I/O pins that can be utilized for connecting additional sensors, actuators, or expansion modules.

To power the PCB, a Hi-Link power supply module is included, ensuring stable and reliable power delivery. The Hi-Link module efficiently converts AC or DC input voltage to the appropriate level required by the circuit. This power supply module contributes to the overall safety and reliability of the system.

The PCB also incorporates screw terminals, which provide convenient and secure connections for wiring external devices. These terminals make it easy to connect and disconnect wires without the need for soldering, simplifying installation and maintenance.

An IR sensor is integrated into the PCB, enabling the detection of infrared signals from remote controls. This feature allows users to interact with the system remotely by sending commands using compatible remote control units.

Furthermore, a buzzer is included for audio feedback or alerts, providing an audible indication of specific events or conditions.

Lastly, the PCB offers six GPIO (General-Purpose Input/Output) pins that can be used for extension purposes. These pins can be utilized to connect additional sensors, actuators, or external modules, thereby enhancing the capabilities and versatility of the system.

In summary, this PCB is a comprehensive and compact solution for automation and control applications. With its four relays, ESP-01 module, ATmega328p microcontroller, power supply module, screw terminals, IR sensor, buzzer, LED indicators, and GPIO pins, it provides a flexible platform for remote control, monitoring, and integration with other systems.

Projects Using This PCB

Home Automation With Firebase + Android App + ESP8266 – 01

Package includes: 1x PCB without components

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